ETHAN – BVZ2:- Men Navy sleeveless leotard with coloured arrows


From £36.95

  • Men Navy sleeveless leotard perfect for training
  • Navy and White Shiny leotard with Aqua and Purple details
  • Please note: The boxer bottom cut is just a more comfortable bottom to the leotard, shorts will need to be purchased separately.
  • All our Leotards are Handmade in Britain

Men Navy sleeveless leotard with coloured arrows is one of our most popular boys training leotards. White Shiny Lycra top with Purple and Aqua Shiny lycra interlocking arrows on the front with crossover lines on the reverse. ETHAN is also available in Black shiny lycra bottom with White Matt top, with red and sapphire matt interlocking arrows on the front with crossover lines on the reverse. Moreover, we can create a custom leotard based on the colours that you choose.

Our ETHAN Men Navy sleeveless leotard is an affordable gymnastics leotard, without comprising on quality. All of our leotards are made to order to ensure highest quality. You can either have your ETHAN leotard as a standard leotard bottom, or as a boxer bottom leotard.

We use fabrics that are specifically designed for sportswear offering durability and comfort for gymnasts. Our fabric ensures extra stretch and a perfect shape recovery for an extreme freedom of movement. It recovers its shape quickly and offers a magnificent sculpting effect to ensure longevity of your leotard. We have worked with our fabric suppliers to source a durable and breathable fabric which will ensure you are comfortable when training.

All our leotards at A Star are handmade in Britain. Would like to adapt the pattern, change the colours to match your club or even change this leotard to your favourite colours? We are more than happy to help you with this, just call us or email on

If you are unsure on sizing, our handy size guide tab can help you. Measure as shown and find the correct size for your leotard. Please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding this leotard, please call our helpful team on 01884 266226.