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​A Star Blog - Coming to a competition near you!

15 Feb 2019
by Kate Johns

A Star - Coming to a competition near you!

One of the things we love most about A Star is our wonderful customers, you! We get to meet so many of you throughout the year.

We have the customers who call into the factory to browse the rails of leotards or to chat about their next bespoke leotard.

We meet customers in person when we pop to a club to drop off items they have ordered. It is always a bonus to see some of your training in your A Star kit too!

We meet some of you on Social Media when you post pictures of yourselves wearing an item (we love these so keep it up!)

We meet parents on messenger when they contact us to chat about the sizing of an item or our suggestions for the perfect present.

We also meet many of you when we are out and about at competitions or events. We love attending these as we get to see our leotards, tracksuits and bags in ‘action’. We design them to be used so watching you perform in them really make our day. Feedback is great and speaking to us at these competitions and events helps our designers plan their next collection, we love to know what you love and what you think would work better.

We always bring a huge selection of products to the competitions that can be purchased right there and then. We’ve even known people to choose a leo and then go on to wear it later that day!

We can take discuss your next leotard and take orders that will be made when we get back to the factory. Often these items will be sent the very next week, we have super fast turn around times so you won’t ever have to wait too long. We know how important this is to you.

We take both girls and boys leotards and items such as hoodies and shorts. We take a variety of different styles and price points so there is something for everyone!

Here is a calendar of events we have scheduled in so far. These may change so don’t forget to follow us on social media in case there is an update, we think we will have some more to add too and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

If you are a club or an event organiser and would like to chat to us about attending then do give us a call on 01884266226. If we already have an event on your dates then still get in touch because we can always send some promotional material or items to you for the event.







SW Tramp and Tumbling




SW Acro Champ




Yorkshire Acro




NDP Qualifier Tramp and Tumbling


​Preparing for the Competition Season Blog

11 Feb 2019
by Kate Johns

February is a busy month, not just here at A Star but with competition season coming up soon training has been increased and thoughts go to planning kit, travel and essentials like hairstyles!

We have started to see more orders for competition leotards over the last few weeks, club kit is being prepared in the factory and our designers are working with lots of individuals on their desired look.

Did you know?

We are able to change the colours on our designs to suit you. Being able to personalise your leotards is great because it means that you can be sure you’ll be a complete one off. The last thing you want is to follow a competitor with exactly the same leo as you! Bespoke items are one of our skills. We make all of our items right here in the UK. The factory is in Devon but we create leotards and other garments for all of the UK and even abroad. We regularly send our garments to Dubai and the US.

Benefits of using A Star:

One of the benefits of being made in the UK is that we have really short turn around times and we are able to customise the garment to suit you. If the leotard was made somewhere else we wouldn’t be able to easily change or work with you to design a one off piece.

Club Benefits:

Another benefit of using A Star is that clubs have no minimum order and discounts for larger orders. Tracksuits, leotards for competitions and training the choice is endless. We work with clubs to design their garments and work within any budgets that a club may have. A benefit of having no minimum order means that if additional items are required throughout the year they can easily be made and sent quickly. If your club is looking for new kit then why not get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Does your leotard still fit?

If you have still not yet thought about competition kit then please remember to check that it still fits! If your current leo is a little on the small side then take a look at our amazing selection of dazzling leotards guaranteed to be distinctive and completely show stopping. We can still make your preferred design ready for the start of the season but you haven’t got long. Don’t forget you can order online on our website or by calling the office.

We do boys and mens leotards too!

Our popular boys and mens leotards and items can also be personalised or changed to be more eye catching. With one of the largest selections of designs it is clear why A Star is a favourite amongst male gymnasts in the UK and further afield.

Order Today

Don’t leave getting sorted for the season until it is too late, browse our vast selection today and get in touch for great customer service, quick turn around and fabulous items. We really are designed to perform!

​Keeping your look complete with Themed Ranges Blog

05 Feb 2019
by Kate Johns

Do you love having a ‘look’ when at training? Are you looking for clothing that has a theme or a range of items in a particular style?

We have several themed ranges here at A Star. Each range has been designed to give you flexibility while also being stylish. Our items have been carefully chosen for their durability and comfort. Each piece in the range compliments the other pieces so you can mix and match them to create a variety of different looks.

Our themed ranges in a little more detail:


The beautiful Monet range features a unique watercolour style fabric which is exceptionally comfortable and long lasting.

We have several different sleeveless leotards in this range with interesting detailing including a contrasting magenta coloured panel across the front of the LUCINDA or a purple shimmer on the POLLY. We also have a fancy back leotard in this range, the RONA has the Monet material on the front with a navy and magenta cross over on the back.

Girls sleeved leotard is also available in the LUCINDA style.

Also included in this fantastic range are a selection of crop tops, shorts and leggings including a high waisted version.

The whole range can take you throughout the week in style!

Neon Lights

A super bright range Neon Lights is really fun and also includes a boys leotard too. The bright, stand out fabric has a black background and neon swirl pattern. The sleeveless girls leotard starts an affordable £27.95 and makes a great choice for an interesting training leotard that withstands a lot of wear. The boys leotard has the option of a standard bottom or boxer bottom. A fancy crossover back on a comfortable crop top adds an interesting detail and the matching leggings are of ¾ length.


If you are looking for a grown up but girly pattern then Vitality is just what you are looking for. With a white background and abstract multicolour pattern this range is a show stopper for all the right reasons.

A sleeveless leotard perfect for training is a great start to this collection and provides a comfortable base to start. There is a sleeved version of this girls leotard available with the pretty pattern flowing down the arms.

Two versions of the leggings are available, one the ever popular high waisted version with a complimentary black waistband. Two different crop tops as well as a lovely vest complete the range and offer a great mix and match selection to choose from.


The perfect range for both boys and girls Polka is an interesting patterns with an abstract design which catches the eye. A sleeveless training leotard is available for girls and offers comfort and durability. The two boys leotards ALEX and POLKA are slightly different to each other. ALEX has the Polka fabric on the shoulders and sides with a complimentary navy panel at the front and back. POLKA is an all over pattern.

Matching items also include an interesting crop top and a pair of shorts which match the girls leotard.

At affordable prices these themed ranges of gym clothing offer you a complete wardrobe answer at great prices. All made right here in the UK you can order items as and when you want to add to your collection and be guaranteed a fast delivery. The perfect birthday present idea as family members can each purchase an item and build the ultimate look!

Girls Competition Leotards Blog

30 Jan 2019
by Kate Johns

Where can I buy gymnastics competition leotards? How much is a fancy gymnastics leotard?

Finding just the right competition leotard can be really tricky as they are so personal. They need to reflect the person we are, the gymnast we are and the story we are trying to tell. Competitions are your opportunity to show everyone including the judges just how far you have come. Learning new skills at training, the practice, the failures when things don’t go quite right (it is okay we all have them even Olympic performers!) all lead up to a competition.

When it comes to standing out, showing people what you can do then you really can’t go wrong with a leotard from A Star. Our girls competition leotards are AMAZING! Honestly they are…...just take a look for yourself and admire the cut, the fabric and oh my, the sparkle! Just taking a look around the office and we can see so many off on their journey to their new owners. A little bit of sparkle packaged with some good luck from us!

Our leotards under go hours of design and testing before they are ready to show you. We choose the very best fabrics and create styles that catch the eye and are distinctive. Our combinations of fabrics suit all styles of gymnastics, trampolining and dance. All are very different: we have incorporated mesh into some of our designs, some have low cut backs which look amazing for floor routines and others shimmer and sparkle when the light catches them. Each one a work of art and all truly beautiful.

We have spent years perfecting our competition leotards so that the fit is impeccable and the fabrics stand up to the rigours of competitions as we know that many of you like to wear your leotards many times and sometimes bring them out a few years later. We add to our range constantly, bringing you new up to date ideas and trends so that you can be sure you’ll be ahead of your competitors in the style stakes!

All of our girls competition leotards are handmade in our factory in Devon and most can be adjusted in terms of size and bespoke elements to create your very own leotard to reflect you and your competition. If you want more diamantes then we can discuss where to add them, if you would like a slightly different colour combination because it makes your eye colour ‘pop’ then let us see what we can do. You won’t have to wait long either, because they are made in the UK we have quick lead times which means you could be wearing your new competition leotard in just a few days!

Here are some of our favourites:

Elise - A navy shimmer leotard with navy mesh cut outs. Diamantes adorn the front and the sleeves around the mesh. The colour can also be changed with this design making it a really great choice for a single colour leotard. There is also a high neck version of Elise that takes the diamantes to another level.


Erika - a stunning flame design on the body of this leotard in a contrasting ombre colour creates a great focal point. The flame theme continues down the sleeves and a small section at the back. The velour material creates a luxury feel.


Matilda - Making a statement with the power mesh sleeves and neckline the blackberry colour and silver detailed cut of the body creates a beautiful silhouette. Contoured diamante detailing creates sparkle in all the right places.


Bella - The wow factor leotard with a high neck and cuffs which are diamante encrusted. The ombre shimmer fabric dazzles and is perfect for dynamic routines where you want to make a statement.


Serena - Elegant and sophisticated our Serena leotard is a beautiful velour fabric with a graceful mesh upper chest and sleeves. Expertly positioned diamantes waterfall down the front of the leotard and scatter evenly through the sleeves. The cuffs feature closely positioned diamantes which will help to showcase intricate hand movements.


A Star has the perfect competition leotard to suit you - with the competition season quickly approaching why not take a look at our whole range and make your next selection.

A Star leotards for Rhythmic and Acro Gymnastics Blog

30 Jan 2019
by Kate Johns

Where can I buy Rhythmic gymnastics leotards?

A Star! We have a huge range of leotards online, all of which can be ordered for Rhythmic gymnastics. We can make them in colours and fabrics of your choice. We can also add a skirt to any of our stockline leotards if needed. As we handmake all our leotards here in the UK, we can also make changes to the gymnastics leotards you see online. For example, we can add diamante for the ‘wow’ affect. We can add sleeves to any sleeveless leotard to make it suitable for gymnastics competitions and we can also work with you to design you own unique leotard! This isn’t just an option for the ladies, we can make bespoke boys and mens designs too!

How much is a Rhythmic gymnastics leotard?

The price of a leotard really varies. We have budget training leotards starting from around £25 Childrens sizes. For a long sleeved leotard, the prices range from £40 upwards. We have more expensive leotards on our website such as the Bella, Elise, Serena and many more which are perfect for Rhythmic gymnastics and gymnastics competitions. If you are looking for something even more wow, get in touch and we can discuss adding skirts, diamante and extra details to designs to add the extra wow and catch the judges eye.

Can I design a bespoke leotard for Rhythmic gymnastics?

Yes! We design and manufacture all our leotards in our factory based in Devon so we have the ability to make one off leotards, leotards for pairs and trios and dance group leotards to a unique design – just for you!

Our friendly admin team have been working with customers for years so they can help you each step of the way. We can post free fabric samples so you can decide on your own colours and have an amazing design team who can make your drawing come to life! Prices for one-off bespoke leotards start from £70 and go up depending on complexity, but if you are working to a set budget, get in touch. All designs are available in adults and childrens sizes and we can also work on bespoke sizing if needed.

Where can I get leotards for a mixed pair of Rhythmic or Acro gymnasts?

A Star, of course! We have lots of male rhythmic leotards and female patterns on file but we can also work on adapting a design to work as a mixed pair, even if that isn’t an online option.

Get in touch to find our more or email us a design to get started today!


Trends 2019 Blog

25 Jan 2019
by Kate Johns

Well, what a great start to 2019 we have had! The production team are busy working on the latest orders and some of our sale lines have almost sold out.

There is still time to shop the sale so don’t forget to take a look because we have some great items just waiting to be snapped up. There are some amazing girls training leotards in there as well as a few that would be perfect for some upcoming competitions.

We also have a great selection of boys leotards too, we have included some of the most popular styles so you could always team up with your training buddies, choose your favourite and all have the same. Great value, amazing service and quick delivery. You’ll be wowing everyone at training in no time at all.

Looking forward for the year we have lots of exciting things coming up including attendance at some club events. If you’d like us to be at yours then why not get in touch to see if we have availability.

There are plenty of trends we think will become really popular in 2019, we have put together a few here for you. Let us know what you think!

Pantone Colour of the Year - LIVING CORAL

What a gorgeous colour! At A Star we love all shades of pink and so do you, we always have lots of interest in pink leotards, onesies and shorts (boys too!). We have a selection of coral tones, warm pink hues and a variety of different items to choose from.

Not only do we have a wide selection of leotards we also have a great range of leggings, crop tops and shorts too.

Shop our favourite items now!

Fancy Backs - SHOP NOW

We just LOVE standing out and having something a little different from everybody else and so our fancy back range of items helps you do just that. Looking great from all angles a fancy back leotard or crop top makes a cool addition to your training wardrobe. These will grow and grow in popularity this year.

Shop our fancy back collection now!

Here at A Star we love to receive feedback on our items and service, we also love to see photos of you all in action in our products so don’t forget you can always email us or leave some feedback on our social media pages.

Have a great start to 2019 everyone!

Plastic Free Packaging Blog

21 Jan 2019
by Kate Johns

New for 2019

As a UK manufacturer, we know the importance of being as eco-friendly as possible. But we also know the importance of getting our gymnastics leotards to our customers quickly and safely. We have been working really hard to find a sustainable packaging solution for sending our leotards!

We are really excited to let you know that we are introducing new packaging for all items ordered. We have already started to send individual orders out using this new methods, but we will be moving over to all orders very soon once all of the current bags have run out.

Our new packaging is made from recycled materials and is bio-degradable. We feel it is really important to be doing our bit to help reduce the single use packaging we see so much of. We are wrapping our handmade leotards in tissue paper and have sourced paper bags to reduce the plastic used. We think this is essential and we hope you like our new packaging!

Club orders will be sent without individual bags and we will be grouping items together and using cardboard boxes where possible.

Here is a little video of the new packaging!

A Star Tracksuits Blog

17 Jan 2019
by Kate Johns

Did you know we also hand-make Tracksuits?

Not the tracksuits you are used to...our fitted girls/ladies tracksuit jackets have been designed to be flattering, smart and to keep you warm during your sports activities. Our half zip jackets are great for all sports including gymnastics, trampolining, football, rugby, swimming, running, gym and walking. We have also found them really popular for coaches as we can add your club logo or name to be inn-keeping with your uniform.

We can offer a range of personalisation options. We can add logos or club names in Print, diamante or embroidery or a mix of all 3! Most embellishment work is hand applied and can be tailored to your needs. Our friendly design team are on-hand to help with the whole design process so don’t worry if it is your first-time organising club kit. Simply call or email us for more information and for a free quote. Discounts offered on bulk orders or 10+ or 30+ items. We have no minimum orders so we can help your team no matter how big or small! We offer a range of sizes from a child age 2 right up to AXXL. We can offer bespoke sizes for an additional cost. Pockets are not normally wanted on club tracksuits but are available for an extra cost if required.

All jackets can be made in ladies or mens fit so your team can match for events and competitions. We have a wide range of colours from the classic Navy and black to bright pink & greens. We use Microtex as our main base fabric across our whole tracksuit range. Microtex is a high-quality, breathable Italian fabric that has great muscle compression properties making it ideal for use during sport to keep you warm. The fabric also washes and wears really well and we have had some lovely feedback from customers who are pleased with the fit and quality of their A Star kit. You can find feedback on all A Star items on our Testimonials page: https://www.astar.uk.com/information/testimonials/

You can add a choice of straight leg trousers, Bootcut trousers, full or 3/4 length leggings. We can also offer these in your club colours with your club name or logo embroidered, printed or diamanted. If you require a different size trousers to jacket, that isn’t a problem as we make all our tracksuits in our factory based on Devon, UK.

If your club is looking for new club kit or teamwear, get in touch today on 01884 266226 or email admin@astar.uk.com

Black Friday Deals 2018

22 Nov 2018
by Kate Johns

Last year, you all loved our Black Friday offers so this year...we've made even more!!

We have t-shirts from just £4.95 in our black Friday sale, and hoodies at just £9.95!

Gymnastics leotards that are still the same high quality you know and love from just £18.95 in our massive Black Friday sale!

Shop Black Friday here: https://www.astar.uk.com/black-friday/

Club Kit Blog

28 Sep 2018
by Kate Johns

We have been super busy the last couple of months getting some lovely clubs ready for their competitions!

Here are some of the club leotards we have created for some brilliant trampolining and gymnastics clubs.

The leotards above are worn by Exeter Trampoline Academy and are hand-painted by a very talented member of staff here at A Star. We worked with the club to organise this bespoke designs. Below are a mixture of bespoke designs and some A Star designs that have been recoloured and adapted to suit the club/team colours.

Followed by some lovely A Star team tracksuits, manufactured here in the UK! Our ladies tracksuits have been designed to be flattering, smart and to keep you warm during your sports activities. You can add a choice of straight leg trousers, Bootcut trousers, full or 3/4 length leggings. We can offer this in your club colours with your club name or logo embroidered, printed or diamanted. Simply call or email us for more information and for a free quote. Discounts offered on bulk orders. Pockets are not normally wanted on Childrens club tracksuits but are available for an extra cost if required. We can also offer mens and boys tracksuits to match any ladies style jacket.

We have no minimum orders on tracksuits either!

and look at these stunning majorette dresses all ready for their carnival season!! Looking amazing girls!

If you would like to talk to one of us about making your club some bespoke kit or adapting an A Star online design, feel free to call us on 01884 266226 and we can work with you to create the kit you desire!